The Trans Ports Btt Routes

The Trans Ports Btt routes are a magnificent proposal to discover the Ports of Tortosa-Beseit in 2, 3 or 4 days. With luggage transportation included, on a Half Board basis (from the previous night). Thus, the route explores this impressive territory comfortably distributed between Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia by mountain bike.

The route leaves from Arnes (in Terra Alta, Tarragona) to enter Beceite (Matarraña, Teruel) and then goes up to the Tenencia de Benifassà (Maestrat, Castellón). From there it heads towards the top of Caro (Baix Ebre, Tarragona), at more than 1,440 meters. Or take a tour of the interior of Els Ports, depending on options. Finally, he goes back to Arnes.

In no case is it a route for mountain bike beginners. Even the easiest options require a certain physical level. As for the technical level, it should be said that the entire route is absolutely cyclable. Always on wide and easily passable tracks. There is only a small section between Caro and Arnes where you have to descend on foot for approximately 100 meters. On the other hand, there are some descents of up to 21% gradient -per track-.

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